Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sliders


(took me forever to figure out how to spell Hawaiian)

1 pak Hawaiian Rolls (I take the whole batch out of the package and cut in half horizontally–it just makes it easier than making each sandwich individually

Grated or sliced Swiss, Havarti, Jack (or your favorite) cheese

Shaved or sliced ham (I do about 1 lb–but use your judgment.  Lots or a little–I have even mixed smoked turkey breast and ham)

1 stick melted butter.

Mix into melted butter:  1 tsp. garlic powder, 1 Tbs. Poppy seeds, 3 Tbs. Worchestershire

put bottom layer of bread into a pan that fits –about a 9×13.  Layer cheese and ham on bottom layer of rolls.  Put tops on, and pour melted butter mixture over all.  At this point you can slice the sandwiches into sandwiches, or you can do it when they come out of the oven–but it’s easier to do it now….ask me how I know…IMPORTANT to cover and chill overnight or at least several hours, to make the flavor soak into the bread.  Bake at 350 degrees about 30-40 minutes.  Even men like these!  I have served them at parties as an appetizer by cutting each sandwich in 1/2 and arranging on a pretty platter.  I cannot post this recipe without giving my dear friend Debra Thomas a nod.  I always say we are sharing the same brain when it comes to parties.  We both love to go to ’em, give ’em and steal recipes from ’em.  This recipe was given to me by Debra.   Once, a few years ago,  we talked for about 15 minutes about starting a party business together, but decided we would rather remain friends!!

2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sliders

  1. I’m going to do this Hawaiian slider recipe this weekend for out of town guest coming in….many thanks and keep the blog coming…..oh by the way, thanks for not making me use Facebook….really don’t like facebook but I may be the only one…..Bob Burns


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