Holy Cow! My Repairman is a GIRL!

IMG_8912                                    Printed with full permission from my friend Rachel.

A few years ago we had a problem with our Ice Machine.  We had used a trusted repair company for years, but because of warranty issues, we had to use a different, unfamiliar company.  We were not very happy about the change, and consequently looked forward to a negative experience.

The machine ended up being a “lemon”, but we only found that out after several visits from our new Repair guy, James.  He was always prompt, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in the “why” of that darned machine.  Even though it didn’t get fixed right away,  we never felt like the company, Mr. Appliance, was at fault, since they took a lot of extra pains trying to figure out what was wrong.  They even took the machine to their shop for a couple of weeks and watched it everyday to see if they could determine the problem–which eventually lead to the “lemon” diagnosis.  Thanks to the company, we ended up with a brand new machine, and life went on.

A few months later another appliance broke, and we decided to call Mr. Appliance, since we had been so happy with the attention they paid us on the ice machine.  Of course, we requested James.  But here’s where the story gets interesting:  a very different guy showed up.  Not knowing whether to call attention to the changes I noticed, I cautiously broached the subject of his appearance, and he casually told me he was “transitioning”.  I tried not to let my jaw drop–but it really didn’t, because we had developed a very friendly and fun relationship.   When I asked if it was okay to ask questions, he encouraged me to ask anything I wanted.  I’ve always been a curious person, but I must admit I knew absolutely nothing about Transgendering, except what I had heard about Kaitlyn Jenner.  At age 72, it was pretty exciting to learn about something new, and this was about 10 notches above just cooking a new cuisine!!

Over the last two years we have seen Rachel frequently.  We always speak frankly about how she is doing.  I still falter with the he/she thing, but I’m getting there!  It has been fascinating to hear about her journey.  I guess when you are a Republican/conservative/white/Christian person, you are automatically assumed to be judgemental and narrow- minded and pretty much against EVERYTHING.  And in case you are worried about my Religious sensibilities, don’t.  Rachel and I have talked quite a lot about God.  And we have decided to leave all the judgments to Him.  So above is a picture of  my friend Rachel.  She might be a girl, but she defies every stereotype!  For instance, who ever heard of a girl who can fix a Fridge and a Gas range all in the same day?  I just know that learning is a very empowering thing, and the older I get, the more I enjoy learning about people who are different from me.  I don’t believe, (if it weren’t for Rachel) that I would have ever met a Transgender person in my lifetime.  I am SO glad I did!  and p.s.  Who else do you know who has a GIRL for a Repairman?

Now here is Rachel’s recipe for:


Okay you need one yellow cake mix, 1 can crushed pineapple, (drained), a 9×13 glass baking dish, Brown sugar, butter and wax paper.  Put the Brown sugar in the bottom of the dish with 2 Tbs. butter.  Add crushed pineapple.  Mix the cake according to the package , and pour it over the pineapple/brown sugar mix.  Cover with wax paper and cook in the microwave 15 minutes.  When it’s done I make a piece of cardboard with foil on it, put that over the cake and flip it over.  That’s it.                                                             p.s:  the brown sugar, just put a nice layer on the bottom and put the butter toward the edges.

this is delish!  Ask me how I know…..(cause she told me)



One thought on “Holy Cow! My Repairman is a GIRL!

  1. Oh I LOVE THIS!!! We too had James at our house almost 2 years ago to work on our wine cooler. Jim and I noticed the longer hair and eyeliner. Didn’t bother us because because he was professional and honest. We continue to use their company and now Rachel is our gal at Mr. Appliance!


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