This is my Baby Boy, Adam, and this is HULA PIE!

Adam’s big sister, Christian

HULA PIE is quickly becoming another Family Tradition!  It is the most requested dessert at any family gathering–Of course it originated in Hawaii, but the kids kind of discovered it on vacation in Carlsbad one year at Jake’s, on the ocean.  In true Burleson fashion, somebody remarked, “Adam!  You should make this!”  And , of course, he was up to the challenge.  So here is Adam’s version of Hula Pie (p.s. he recently made it at ‘the prettiest party ever’ for his beautiful bride, Suzy’s, birthday (Posted in April)


Start with an Oreo Cookie Crust:  one stick melted butter to one sleeve smashed Oreos

Place into pie pan.  To one small jar Hershey’s hot fudge (or a cup of your own homemade), add a shot of espresso and mix thoroughly.  Pour just enough of this goodness over the crust to cover.

Into Breyer’s Natural Vanilla Ice Cream (which you have slightly softened), stir in a 1/2 cup or so of crushed macadamia nuts.  Pile into pie pan over crust.  Sprinkle top of ice cream with additional crushed oreos, and more chopped nuts.  Freeze and serve with whipped cream and more nuts.  Serve extra Hershey’s sauce on the side to drizzle over the individual slices.  This is SO yummy……ask me how I know!

One thought on “This is my Baby Boy, Adam, and this is HULA PIE!

  1. I have had Adam’s Hula Pie (one Bachelor Monday evening) and it is even better than it sounds! Thx for the recipe–will make this on fam vacation next week!😊


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