“Crunchy” Thin Snack Bread…..gosh we love this! (and so does Ethan!)


Ever been to Brio?  those are flax seeds on top…

I got the idea to do this at one of our favorite restaurants, Brio.  They serve it before your meal.  A few years ago, Costco carried something similar.  One nice thing about this bread is that you leave it out (yes, Alyssa–OUT).  It gets harder and crispier day by day, and that’s what you want.  It’s great alone, or with cheese spreads.  My grandkids, especially Ethan, love this bread, I have to slow him down eating it when he comes over!  Note:  those are NOT sesame seeds, they are Flax seeds.  You know Larry is allergic to sesame!


Of course, you can make your own bread dough, but even though I make a lot of homemade bread, I usually buy the prepared pizza dough at Trader Joe’s for this.

1 recipe or package pizza dough

On the side, place your toppings:  beaten egg, olive oil, flax seed and grated parmesan.

Cut ball of dough into halves or quarters.  (Just to make it easier for yourself to roll thinly).  Roll dough as THIN as possible.  (sometimes I use my Pasta machine and roll it through that–a lot more labor intensive, but you get a terrific thin bread!)

Brush first with beaten egg, then olive oil, then sprinkle parmesan and flax seeds over.  Baking this is a little tricky, because it depends on how thin or thick your dough is.  If it’s super thin, your timing will be shorter (12-15 minutes at about 325).  Mine in the picture above was not as thin as I like, so it took longer–350 degrees for about 18 minutes.  One more REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE:  I put these on a cookie sheet on a Silpat so they don’t stick, and I cut them with a pizza cutter BEFORE I bake them–so much easier to break apart after baking–ask me how I know!  However, if you don’t care how they look, just bake them whole, and break them up after they cool.  I just like the look of the little triangles for serving all the VIP’s who visit me!


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