Surprise! Pork Chops!

IMG_0028Let’s just say you have the world’s greatest Housesitter every year when you go on vacation.  She takes excellent care of our dogs, but MORE important, when we get home, we always have the most wonderful treats awaiting.  This summer, we walked in our house after 10 days and didn’t even greet the dogs……just went straight to the Crockpot where Laura had cooked us Pork Chops in the most luscious gravy.  Of course I stole the recipe, and here it is.  Let’s just face it:  some of the old recipes are the best.  Anything that cooks in it’s own gravy for a few hours is impossible to ignore….


6-8 Assorted Pork Chops

1 Package Ranch Dressing (dry)

1 Package Mushroom gravy (dry)

2 Cans Cream of Chicken Soup

1/2 tsp. Pepper (we use more–love pepper!)

2 1/2 cans milk

1-2 packages sliced crimini mushrooms (or your choice)

Place uncooked pork chops on the bottom of crockpot.  Whisk together all the dry mixes with the soup and milk.  Pour mushrooms over, then sauce.  Cover and cook on high approximately 6 hours or till chops are tender.  Serve with rice or mashed potatoes

NOTE:  Sorry, Laura.  I can never leave a recipe alone.  The second time I made it, I added our favorites:  1/2 cup sherry (I just love that flavor in gravies).  And over the chops about 2 hours into cooking I put about 4 sliced potatoes, covering them with gravy.  Truly a ONE pot meal!!!  So delish!  Ask Me How I Know….

coming up from Laura (send me a picture!)…a Peruvian custard and some other surprises…


3 thoughts on “Surprise! Pork Chops!

  1. Cheyrl…you posted something about the spiral sliced ham at Costco a while back and how you prepared it. I have been looking….and looking! I know you are super busy but if you could send it my way when you come up for air I would really appreciate it!! Thank you!! Love you and cannot wait to hear more about your new place!!


    1. I actually haven’t used that ham in years. Costco has another one that is smaller and cheaper, and ALL meat. I ran a picture of it but it’s easy to find. I will send you another pic. (As for glazes, I usually just mix a little can of crushed pineapple, 1/2 stick butter, and 1/2 cup brown sugar) pour over and bake!


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