My Chili….(I lost the contest. Go figure!) But… that was LAST year. Now I’m a winner!


img_6354Just so you know, I have won 3 contests with my chili (Realtors, Church, and private party). But alas, not this time.  We had a really fun event at Red Mountain Ranch with 15 competing cooks.  I didn’t win****, but graciously have decided to share my “secret” recipe anyway, since obviously mine was the best!  Ha Ha.  (I actually tasted the winner, and I reluctantly admit it was excellent)….****NOTE:  this was posted ONE year ago.  Yesterday I WON!!!

The big Moment!!



2 lbs. sirloin or tender beef, cut into cubes

2 lbs. Pork shoulder, or slightly fatty boneless pork chops, cut into cubes.

Toss meats in seasoned flour (garlic powder, salt, pepper, chili powder)

Saute in some oil and butter in batches, adding to a large pot when the pieces are brown and slightly crunchy.  Then add to pot ONE LARGE CHOPPED ONION. Saute a little while until the onion is limp.  At this point you can also add all the hot peppers you like.  For the contest I added 2 jalapeños, a can of green chilies,  and 4 Fresno chilies. (not too hot).  After the peppers have cooked about 10 minutes in the skillet drippings pour a bottle of good Mexican beer to “deglaze”, which just means to pick up every last bit of goodness and  When its cooked down a little, Add  the beer to the chili pot, and add about 4 cups beef broth to pan.   Don’t waste anything!!!  Now begin to simmer for about an hour, then add the following

2 Red bell peppers, chopped (If you like green add some of those! ) You are going to cook the chili about one more hour, so now is the time to add all the rest of the ingredients, including beans if you like them, (see below about the beans).  Also now is the time to adjust seasoning and make it as  hot as you like.  Since this was for a contest, and it’s called “Gringo”, I made it mild.  But if it is for our family, I would add two more chopped jalapeño’s and use a hot Chili Powder

Spices to add:  2 heaping Tbs. Chili Powder (again, you decide hot or mild); 2 large cloves crushed garlic (or two tsp. jarred garlic chopped); Salt, pepper, and:  about 2 heaping Tbs. sugar).  Yes, I said SUGAR!   I always add sugar to anything with tomatoes, to sweeten, and take away the acid taste.  Just don’t add too much!

1 large (32 oz) can crushed tomatoes and  1 small can tomato sauce or paste.

Simmer all above about an hour or two.  OR put it into a crockpot and cook 6 to 8 hours.  The LAST HOUR:

Add BEANS!  Now this is another place where you can make a decision.  I really love red kidney beans, so I usually add one can red kidney, and one can of those pinto beans with jalapeños in them.  Pick your own beans!  (Or, none at all!)  I don’t really care, but please don’t make it a Religious thing!  It doesn’t make you a heathen if you like beans in your chili.  People take “rules” about food way too seriously!  Just add what you like!


This is truly one of those things you can make to suit your family.  It freezes well too.  If I have ever had a “secret” about chili, it is that I use real whole cuts of meat and simmer it a long time until the meat is tender.  I just don’t do ground beef at all…but again, that’s MY decision.  This is AMERICA!!!   Also, you can use all pork, or all beef…..your choice!  Just keep tasting at the end to  get it just like you like it.

Of course this is wonderful with cornbread, or rolls–and I often serve condiments on the side, such as deep fried think flour tortilla strips, grated cheese, “Crema”, or sour cream, black olives, even pepperoncinis or chopped hot jalapeños….Great for Super Bowl….ask me how I know!  cb

Sour cream, thinned down with milk and Taco seasoning added.  “Cools down” the spice.  OR use Cacique Mexican Table Cream!

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