I was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  My hubby, Larry, was born on the kitchen table in Beckley, West Virginia.  So you would think that two Hillbillies like us would have put away  plenty of Moonshine in our day.  But I am telling you right now that I have never tasted it in my life……until last night!  My daughter has a lot of clients who bring her ideas and recipes, and someone brought her this one.  We tasted it in honor of the Academy Awards–which we cared nothing about, especially after the Moonshine!

Christian  made it with Apple juice and served it over lots of ice, like normal people would do….and I have to say it was delish!!  Here’s the recipe as written:

Get a quart of Apple juice, and a quart of cider.  I use a cup of Splenda White sugar and a cup of Splenda brown sugar, 3 cinnamon sticks and 1 whole clove.  Bring to a boil simmer about 20 minutes.  Cool completely.  Add 3 cups Everclear and 2 cups vanilla vodka and you are done!  Chill and serve over ice.  Christian’s note:  “I would do only 2 cups of Everclear.” That’s your choice, you drunkards!   It is really strong….ask me how I know!

Writer’s note:  I cannot bring myself to ever use ANY artificial sweeteners since my friend’s cancer Doctor told her to stay away from them.  So I’d use real sugar–after a couple of sips you don’t really think about the lbs. you are gaining!!

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