Salami “Chips” Why didn’t I think of this??



Salami, prosciutto , and capriacola

Okay, I admit I am addicted to Food Network.  My favorites are Ina Garten, Pioneer Woman and anything that’s about parties.  This weekend Ina had a Cocktail Party with fabulous appetizers.  All were so simple it was almost funny.  She made chips out of Salami slices and served them with a garlic-y cream sauce.  But we just ate them like potato chips.  One of the advantages to doing this is that if they are dry enough they will last forever out in the air.  No need to refrigerate.  I especially like the idea of crunching them up and sprinkling them on salads.

I did some experimenting, and found that some meats (and some thicknesses) roast at different speeds.  So be careful not to burn them.  I’d start with 5 minutes at 400 degrees and add only one minute at a time to get them nice and crispy.  You might even have to remove some and return a few to the heat to finish.  Keep trying!  You’ll get there.


Set oven to 400 degrees (I use convection for this but a regular oven will do)

Place sliced salami, pepperoni, capriacola, or any other thin deli meat you like on a cookie sheet.  I always use a Silpat or parchment paper.  They will break up badly if they stick.  I took the extra step of spraying the meats with olive oil spray (or any spray oil).  It really helped the cooking process and then I just laid them on paper towels to absorb the oil.  Try this one!  You will like it! Ask me how I know….

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