Something Fun and Some of my Favorite Things….

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Recently we lost a dear friend and neighbor, Jim Williams.  It was very sudden, and as I’ve told you before, the only way I know to show love is by cooking something.  At the funeral, the Rabbi told the story of how Jim and Shelley met, 25 years ago.  She saw him at the bar in Oscar Taylor’s, gazed at him for a long time, and then boldly went over and told him he was the handsomest man she had ever seen with such kind eyes.  “Are you as kind as you look?” she asked.  “Or are you a jerk??”  She ended up getting his number, they dated, got married, and lived very happily for all these years.  I hope no one will think it in appropriate to share this.  I was so touched, and I love those people!  I guess I’m trying to encourage people to share love in the ways YOU do.  People never get offended by your caring.  And listening to this sweet story of how they met, I got a Thunderbolt, about the famous Oscar Taylor’s Zucchini Muffins I have been making for years.  I blogged them about a year ago, so look back in my archives and get the recipe.  But the Fun Thing I wanted to show you was how I packaged them.  Have you noticed the new recycled egg cartons in all the grocery stores?

IMG_0732Those are little mini muffins inside the egg carton.  Imagine how cute this would be if the muffins actually looked good……It’s hard to make a zucchini muffin pretty…..


You really need to trust me on this one.  And I have my dear friend, Melody Page, to thank for it.  She brought it to Bachelor several times and everyone loved it.  I finally dragged out of her what it was, and she told me it was a spreadable cheddar cheese from Sam’s Club.  I asked her to get me 3…….In the last month I have served this at my house with the same results.  EVERYBODY wants to know what it is.  NOTE:  I have already called the cheese maker’s national headquarters, and am told that Sam’s Club is the only place you can buy it in Arizona.  So you will have to be a member or find a friend to get it for you.  But do me a favor and give me feedback if you buy it and agree with me….

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So there you go.  Two fun things for you to think about.  I’m feeling like Oprah, so I’m going to start compiling a list of my Favorite Things.  See above for #1!!!


3 thoughts on “Something Fun and Some of my Favorite Things….

  1. FYI, they now have 2 flavors: Extra Sharp Cheddar, which is a white cheddar (my favorite), and the orange-colored Cheddar & Sriracha, which has that kick. Firm when first taken out of frig, but softens fairly quickly for better spreading or dipping pretzels. Enjoy!


  2. You always recover, making something look good when it starts out ugly! Those muffins did not look good, but did taste great.
    You are right on the cheese Melody introduced to us is excellent and easy to spread on Trader Joe’s crackers!
    No wonder I need to lose weight!


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