Beef/Onion Hawaiian Slider!


Whew!  I finally learned how to spell Hawaiian!!!

One of my favorites on Food Network is Valerie Bertinelli.  I don’t know why, but it seems like every week she makes something that I want to try.  Last week she made these, and I immediately went to my pressure cooker to put my “spin” on it.  She used a brisket and I happened to have a sirloin roast that I used 1/2 of to make the vegetable soup I posted last week.  ALSO, I learned something NEW!!!  My Pressure cooker is also a SLOW COOKER!  So, this is my “take” on Valerie’s creation:


2-3 lb. boneless Roast

3 or 4 large onions, sliced thinly

1 cup liquid:  white wine, broth, or water.  But I used beef broth

1 pkg good Old French Onion soup (Lipton)

Put all into a slow cooker.  A layer of onions first, then roast, then the rest of the onions.  Sprinkle with soup mix and add the liquid.  Cover, and cook 5-6 hours.  The roast shreds easily when done.  Shred it, and add it back to the pot, keeping it warm.  I like to dip the cut side of the rolls into the rich broth, and then pile up the meat and add some shredded cheese of your choice.  This is an easy one, people!   Ask me how I know…..

One of God’s best creations…..Enjoy!

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