Salmon “Taste Test”

When our kids were growing up, we used to have Friday Night Taste Tests.  I would go to A.J. Bayless and buy 3 kinds of something and we would cook it and taste it.  We liked doing the store brand and comparing it with the expensive stuff.  The one I remember the most were Fish Sticks.  We did Gorton’s, the Store Brand, and Certi Fresh.  Certi Fresh was the unanimous winner!  We did canned tomatoes, frozen corn, all kinds of veggies, and a few frozen dinners.  Swanson’s chicken pot pie was our favorite, until Marie Callendar’s came along.  Anyway, I recently decided to bring this old tradition back.  Larry is on a lo-carb diet, so I’m bringing out the big guns and cooking accordingly.  He’s a salmon lover, but I was curious about really which is best.  So I bought 3 of our favorites:  Costco, (the cheaper frozen one pictured here), Ikea, and a little $5 frozen IMG_9596.IMG_3867 filet from Safeway, which was marinated in a bourbon brown sugar marinade (only adding 2 carbs).  I cooked all 3 together:  on a cookie sheet, 11 minutes on 400 degrees.  Of course, you could also broil or grill them.  But the important report on this particular test was that we liked all 3!  When forced, Larry said maybe the Costco was slightly better–and remember, this was not their expensive Coho or Sockeye or any of the twice the cost brands!  Just good old frozen Atlantic salmon.  I particularly love the Ikea brand, because I think the Swedish really should know their fish.  And I like the way they come in small filets, making it very simple to just cook a couple of them individually.

left to right:  Safeway, Costco, Ikea

I  blogged earlier in my “How to Lose 5 lbs” post.  But here’s my simple glaze for fish filets:  1 tbs. honey mixed with 1 tbs. grainy mustard.  Spread it on the fish and bake at 400 degrees about 8-10 minutes.  Have fun with salmon!

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