Mom’s Baked Beans (About 1950)

Just before going into the oven.  Load it up!

Growing up, I never remember a picnic or family get together as a child that my Mom didn’t bring these baked beans.  I haven’t done them in years myself, but they are still a staple at a lot of our family parties.  I took them yesterday for a Memorial Day pool party at John and Laurie’s and we all  loved them.  (What memories!). I was worried about finding the giant can of Van Camp’s, but there they were at Bashas!  Even though they have changed the logo on the can, they still make them!  I have tried these beans with other brands and they just aren’t the same.  Try them!


1 giant can VanCamp’s Pork and Beans. (53 oz)

3/4 cup catsup (or ketchup)

1/2 cup sugar (I use white.  Brown is ok too)

1/4 cup white vinegar (no fancy ones here)

1 large sliced white onion

Enough bacon to cover the entire pan

Mix vinegar, sugar and catsup and mix it thoroughly into the beans.  Pour into pan and cover with sliced onions.  Cover the onions with bacon and bake at 375 degrees for at least an hour.  You can decide how done you like the bacon, but we really like those little burnt ends on the bacon, and that was about an hour and 20 minutes.




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