Cookie Madness…Happy Birthday Ethan!

This is Cutie Potootie Ethan.  (He loves when I call him that)  Turning 15! (with younger brother Evan)


What do you do when you start to make cupcakes or a birthday cake for a teenager and they say they don’t like cake anymore?  My Grandson, Ethan was turning 15 and   My whole method of showing love is cooking for people, so I am at a loss when I don’t have a plan!  My son Adam solved the problem:  Make a giant cookie!  That’s the dessert they always order at restaurants….lots of places have a version of some kind of warm cookie with ice cream and fudge or whatever…..So, we proceed as directed!!

spread your favorite cookie dough onto a cookie sheet

I used a small tub of chocolate chip cookie dough.  You could do any kind, including homemade.  The only thing you do differently is to bake it only about 8 minutes, so that it is slightly under-done.  As soon as it comes out of the oven, scoop up your favorite ice cream


I always put hot fudge on the finished product, and nuts and whatever we like.  But I must say this was a huge hit with the teenagers!IMG_5702

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