St. Louis Ribs… AZ! (Pressure!!)

This is a PRESSURE COOKER recipe as described, but it would be very easy to convert to an oven or grill cooking (about 1 1/2 hours on each side, wrapped in foil).  Finish under the broiler as described below  about 5-10 minutes under a broiler at the end.  I know it  isn’t a very pretty picture above, but I have to tell you, these charred St Louis style ribs were absolutely DEE-LISH!!!  Safeway had nice racks  of these pork delights on sale this week, so I went for it!.  My $7 bucks went a long way, and easily would feed 4 people.

this is my pressure cooker.  My daughter Christian talked me into buying one.  Thanks Sweetie!

A little more about Pressure cookers.  I have to say I was really nervous about buying one, cause I can remember my mother cautiously tip toeing around the kitchen whenever that loud steamer was on. But over the years they have improved, and it just seemed like a full timer like me ought to explore all kinds of methods of cooking!  Not to mention that they are only about $20.  And this recipe sure made me a believer!  Larry said these ribs were awesome……and he is an expert!!.

this pic makes them look burnt, but honestly, they aren’t.   The sugar in the BBQ sauce chars very quickly!

1 Rack St. Louis style ribs (about 2 -3 lbs)

Rinse the ribs, pat dry, and with a very sharp knife, remove the thin membrane (some come already trimmed).  Then rub with your choice of spices.  I just make up my own by using about 1 tbsp. Montreal seasoning (Costco or anywhere–mostly black pepper).  Then I add a half tsp. each of my other favorites:  granulated garlic, onion powder, salt, smoked paprika.  Mix thoroughly and rub both sides of the ribs.  Cover with a towel and let set a couple of hours or overnight.  When ready to cook,  cut the rack in half so they  fit in the cooker.  Spread a little BBQ sauce on top of each rack.  In the bottom put 1 cup cider vinegar or apple juice, and 1/2 cup water. Then layer the ribs.  Cover with the lid, and follow the directions for cooking.  Cook about 45-50 minutes.  When the pressure has calmed down, put ribs on a cookie sheet and slather with more BBQ sauce.  Place about 4-5″ below broiler element and char till almost black.  Watch them carefully!

About BBQ sauces:  We have favored Bill Johnson’s Big Apple original for more than 40 years, but recently I discovered Sweet Bay Ray!  I am crazy about his honey sauces and his spicy sweet.  Of course, everybody likes different styles, but if  you are a fan of Sweet and Spicy, try it!

And of course, this recipe is a LO CARB!!!!!!


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