Retro Vegetable Soup from Mom… around 1952…3 ingredients!!

3 ingredients!  Loads of flavor.

I’ve told you before about my Mother, Geri Jones.  When I had a small catering business, I would work for weeks on menus and cooked many dishes ahead for large parties (My limit was  up to 50 people).  Without exception, my Mom would make some simple side dish to “fill in” and then it would be the hit of the party.  Here is one of them…. This is such an easy vegetable soup–I have added a picture because I’m pretty sure most of my young readers don’t have a clue what corned beef in a can is……


One can corned beef (usually on the top shelf by the Tuna–the square can has a little “key” to open it. )

At Safeway.  But I still remember that little paper covered can with a key….whatever.  This works!!

1 package mixed veggies (corn, green beans, peas, carrots, etc.)

1 large can tomato juice (not so easy to find anymore.  Try the plastic container–which is  32 oz.  but I’m sure Mom’s was at least 46 oz. or even 64.)   To be honest, I don’t think it matters.  Just depends on how juicy you like your soup.

Empty corned beef can and smash it up a little.  Put veggies, beef and tomato juice in a large pan and heat it up.  It tastes even better if you give it a 30 minute simmer.  but that’s really it!  I grew up on this every week.

I have a couple more “Retro” recipes to share.  I’m blogging my brains out for the next few weeks because I took a vacation and did not write at all…..we  spent all our time eating…..

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