God bless the Philippino’s!

YES!  She is 94!

I had the distinct honor of being invited to a birthday party for Tess’s 94 year old mother.  I can’t even describe the fun, the friendliness, and the delight it was to be there!

Everyone was encouraged to wear a hat.  I asked if it was a Philippine tradition, they said, “No.  Nanay just likes hats!”

This will not be a typical Post, because I did not get a lot of recipes so I am not printing them….oxtail?  Tripe?  I want to write more about the experience and the warmth of those wonderful people.   I did learn a lot about some new foods:  Lumpia (much like an egg roll with sautéed vegetables,); Pancit Bihon, Beef Bistik, Fried whole fish with Sweet & sour sauce, Barbecued Pork on sticks, Kare-Kare (oxtail & tripe in peanut sauce)……so many more!

Bistik (seasoned beef with sliced onion)

I find it so interesting to explore other cultures.  And that the cultures, while different, are SO much the same!  For instance, I went to my Puerto Rican friends party and discovered Plantains, (Tostones) Yolanda’s Bistec, and wonderful Puerto Rican stew beans, and met the most wonderful, warm people.   My wonderful, warm, Hispanic friends filled me with tacos, Machaca, 5 new kinds of chilies, 3 kinds of enchiladas and of course, Margaritas.  We are West Virginia Hillbillies, and our feasts include ham, fried chicken, smothered pork chops, Mac and cheese, and every pie known to man,  ( Along with wonderful, warm people.)  One common thread at every one of these parties:  FLAN!  I have learned that my readers do not go for anything difficult, so I don’t normally print hard recipes, and I think Flan falls in that category.  Les’s was FANTASTIC!  Smooth, creamy (if you’ve never had it, it’s like custard).   Flan is something you can google–the one thing I will tell you that differs from my recipe is that Les uses the yolks only!  Mine is whole eggs.

At this gathering, the FLAN was made by Tess’s sweet husband, Les.  MMMMM

Again, a big thank you to Tess and Les for inviting us to such a wonderful event…we started out as Zumba buddies in Pinetop and I have simply fallen in love with especially Tess, and our spunky little teacher, Jimemma…..(hope I spelled it right, but she knows how I feel about her!)


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