Cho……co……late! Good for what ails ya!

Another good one from TNT (Terrific Neighbor Toni). 

There’s not much fun going on when your hubby has surgery to get a new knee……EXCEPT when people bring you stuff!  Toni knew we are observing “lo-carb” lifestyle these days so she came up with this double whammy:  ONE gram carbs and ONE gram sugar! AND, to make it just about perfect…..CHOCOLATE!!!!


3 1/2 oz. dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids

10 nuts:  Hazelnuts, pecans or walnuts

2 Tbs. roasted unsweetened coconut chips

1 Tbs. pumpkin seeds

Sea Salt

Melt chocolate in double boiler or microwave in 20 second intervals, stirring after each.  Stop when melted and smooth.

pour chocolate evenly into 10 cupcake liners.  While the chocolate is warm, drop nuts, chips and seeds evenly on top.  Sprinkle salt over all.  Cool and store in fridge.

TIP:  Optional:  Pour chocolate into a small baking dish (about 8″) Spread nuts, chips and flakes over top evenly.  Sprinkle with salt.  Cool and break into pieces.  ***Can add some hot chili powder (cayenne maybe?) to the melted chocolate for a spicy touch.  OR dried berries if you like.  THIS IS A GOOD ONE FOR DIETERS WITH A SWEET TOOTH! ASK ME HOW I KNOW….

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