UGLY CAKE PART 2–Chocolate this time

Who knew????  Godiva makes pudding!  Albertson’s knows……

This is a special cake I am making for a baby shower.  My sweet neighbor, Beckie, is having a girl after FOUR boys!  Can you imagine the thrill?  Pink headbands.  Pink blankies, Pink everything!  Except for the cake–it’s CHOCOLATE!  I learned years ago that I really can’t make a much better cake than Duncan Hines.  So I usually use a mix, but then I can’t resist adding something to make it special.  To a yellow cake I add rum flavoring, and fill with vanilla pudding with rum flavoring.  Top with Coolwhip.  I will definitely blog this someday!  But today, for Beckie, I made a Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix and added 1 box Godiva instant pudding mix.  Here it is:


1 Chocolate cake mix, mix according to directions, then add the following:

1 box chocolate instant pudding

1/2 cup milk

Bake in 3 pans, dividing mix evenly.  bake about 15 minutes each, since they will be thinner than normal.

The filling:

1 box vanilla instant pudding, made with heavy cream

(I did not add flavoring.  But you could add rum or maple or almond)

Mix pudding, Cool cake and fill layers:

And VOILA!  This……
Becomes this!!!  I added a couple of drops red food coloring to a large cool whip…

When I serve this cake I will put some little pink roses around the base.  What fun this is going to be!!

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