Egg salad, tuna salad, salmon salad, cream cheese….this was a picture from google of what I was going for….BELOW is my platter

I am so fascinated with food, and one of my favorite searches involves Jewish food and traditions.  A few years ago I saw Jeffery Zacharian on the Kitchen and at the very end of the show he made this gorgeous platter that he described as a Jewish traditional “appetizer” platter for a Jewish Holiday.  I missed most of the details, and then spent the next year trying to find the show, or the holiday, or the platter.  I called Jewish friends and they had no idea what I was referring to.  Recently I spoke with a client of my daughter’s, who graciously spoke with me at length about the Jewish traditional celebration dishes, one of which was the “Dairy Platter”.  She explained that they do not ever mix dairy with meat.  But it’s ok to mix fish with dairy.  So I did more research, and from memory made this pretty platter.  It has now become a Thanksgiving tradition for our family, as we all get together on Wednesday night before and all cook together.  I have been taking this platter for the last 3 years and now everyone demands it.  (Especially Suzy).  From memory, here are the items that Jeffery had on his platter:

Lox (or Nova, as Susan explained.  Nova is less salty)

Rye or Pumpernickel bread squares, bagel chips or soft bagel slices


Cream cheese (plain or veggie)

Pate (see my blog under side dishes and appetizers)

Egg salad (new this year….)

Assorted cheeses

Sliced Red Onion (I like to pickle mine, but Susan said raw is traditional)

I am making this platter tomorrow night.  So if you are interested in seeing it, check back here and I will have a picture of it!  Happy Thanksgiving!

My platter tonight….
My cute daughter in law, Suzy, likes to make a little sandwich with the salmon, cream cheese, onions and capers….In truth, she’s what lead me to come up with this tradition!


  1. What —- no chopped liver on this platter?????
    Better than pate!!!!!!
    But this looks & sounds delicious!!! It sounds like my after midnight mass meal since my dad was Jewish!!
    I add smoked whitefish !!! Yummo!!!! Great memories!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!!!! Karen


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