Mustard Custard…use so many ways!


My sweet friend Cassie (I call her Classy Cassie), sends me the most scrumptious recipes.  I took special interest in this one because it reminds me of a recipe my high school best friend brought me in the 60’s.  She called it Mustard Cream and poured over hamloaf.  Cassie wrote me a history of this and had traced it all the way back to 1963.  Mine was 1968.   Besides being one of my favorite people, Cassie is a cutie who loves to cook.  We could talk (and eat) all day!


This is Cassie.  Can you see why I like her?  She was actually wearing this in church.  (Just kidding, but she would!!)


1 2 oz. can Coleman’s mustard

1 cup white vinegar

Stir and make a day ahead (or not)

Serving Day:

Beat 2 eggs in top of double boiler with One Cup Sugar and pinch of salt

Add mustard, vinegar solution

Cook, stirring, until smooth and about as thick as paint.  (Will not be as thick as gravy).  Keeps in fridge for a long time.  This original recipe from a church cookbook from Cassie gives the credit to a young lady named Marjorie Monnett.

Okay!  Here is just one more reason why I love Cassie.  We have a LOT in common.  Little did she know when she sent me the above recipe that I also have a very similar one.  My dear friend from High School, Carolyn Wright Neilsen, made this for dinner one night and served it over sliced ham.  Strange how lives intertwine and bring back wonderful, precious memories!


This is the original recipe right out of Carolyn’s hand made cookbook.  You can see that it is very different from Cassie’s recipe.  But a similar result.  BTW (that means By the Way), try the Ham Loaf too!  Such a memory!!!  You young ladies need to go back to the Retro way.  Some things just can’t be duplicated with a microwave and a steam packet!  Ask Me How I Know….God bless!  cb

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