The BIG Moment!!

Today I am going to tease you a little because I am going to make you go to my blog to get the chili recipe!  I found out yesterday that a lot of people (even though they get my emails and read my recipes),  have no idea how to go to my blog!  To date I have posted more than 180 recipes.  I have a table of contents which makes it easy to find something you might be interested in.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is click on the title of my blog at the top of the email you receive: and it will take you to the recipes.  My chili was posted for the first time last year when I LOST the Red Mountain Ranch contest. So today I updated the post……because this year, I WON!!!  So please click above on the title if you want the recipe!  To see the recipe for my chili, scroll down on the table of contents under soups and stews.

(and of course, if you like it, scroll down to “follow” and put your email address in.  You will receive an email every time I post)

I also got $50 bucks!!
Here it is with some condiments:  I always cut up flour tortillas into strips and serve them on the side.  Also, “Crema” which is simply sour cream thinned with milk and taco seasoning added.  OR, use Cacique Mexican table cream with seasoning.  Cools down the heat!


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