HUNGARIAN MUSHROOM SOUP…. John’s favorite. And we aren’t even Hungarian!


IMG_3107Whenever anyone gets sick, has an operation, moves in or out, has a baby, gets mad at me, gets a good grade, does me a favor, oh well… get it.  ANY occasion, I do what I do best.  Make SOUP!  People ask me a lot what my favorite things to cook are.  And I always say Soups and sauces.  John had a little incident recently that took him to the hospital, (he’s okay now) and when I asked what soup he wanted, I was not a bit surprised that he requested his favorite, this mushroom soup.  I first wrote a cookbook in 1990 and this recipe was in it.  Over the years I have made it, but I must admit I got kind of lazy and didn’t take all the steps and cheated on the ingredients–to make it simpler.  This time, because I really wanted it to be special, I went back to the old recipe and took every step and added every ingredient.  Wow.  It was worth it.  I even used Paprika from Hungary that Jean got IN Hungary!  Parsley from my front yard, lemon juice from my lemon tree…mushrooms from Sprouts.  How special can you get????  Love you JK….


I don’t usually post recipes this way, but this is copied right out of the cookbook I wrote in 1990.  So NO chance of mistakes in re-printing!!


My friends, Bob and Jean,  are wealthy Jet Setters who travel all over the world….😁😁😁 Jean knows I’d rather have Paprika from Hungary than a fake Rolex from China!  She brought me this:  a mild one and a spicy one.   Now THAT’S a friend! The closest I ever got before were Hatch green chilies from New Mexico.  But this is BUDAPEST!!!

While we are talking about this subject…..what do you do when some of your little garden gets overgrown and you just have too much of anything?IMG_3108

after an hour….one more hour and I can crush it!

My parsleys went crazy!  I have flat left and curly.  Wonderful, but they grow like crazy here, as does Basil.  So I always “harvest” a big bunch, lay it on a cookie sheet, and dry it at about 250 degrees for a couple of hours.  When its really dry its easy to crush and put into a zip lock baggie or a jar that already had parsley in it!

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