This Post is not so much a recipe as an idea.  When you are having people over, why not set up a Salad bar?  Use your imagination as to what you include.  There are so many advantages to using this method.  One obvious one is that you can feed a Vegetarian like Steven!  Another is that you can “size” your amounts according to the number of people you are serving.  You can totally adjust ingredients, (and your budget) to the crowd.  The above picture was a party for six.  I also had a big bowl of mixed lettuces on the side.   Recently, at the Bachelor Finale, I set up a pretty platter and even included  chopped lobster tail and shredded King Crab.  After all, it was a SPECIAL NIGHT!  Only the best for the Bachelor Bunch!

Here’a another way to do it.  ROASTED vegetables for all to enjoy..Rhonda did this beautiful platter!

A “Salad Bar” can also double as a Charcuterie Board….Just set a bowl of lettuces beside the meat and cheese board.

This was at a party in Pinetop.  Just to the right was a bowl of ice cold lettuce (with NO brown leaves.). And several homemade salad dressings.  Look in my table of contents under Soups and sauces for some great salad dressings!  Simply provide a couple of tongs and serving forks for easy access.

The one warning I would have about this wonderful way to serve people is to make sure you find out if there are any allergies in the crowd.  For instance, don’t invite my hubby over if you sprinkle sesame seeds over or make the dressing with sesame oil.  ALSO, seafood is often a red flag for some people.  Last time I did a salad bar I included lobster and crab, chopped.  Of course I put them in a separate bowl beside the display!



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