Pay special attention to these 3!


I’m sure you can imagine how many knives I have had over the years.  Remember Cut-Co?  I bought them cause I felt sorry for the kid selling them.  And when I got richer I got a whole set of Henckel for Christmas from my hubby one year.  I have always struggled with keeping them sharp, though, consequently I’ve probably bought every kind of sharpener known to Man, and have even taken them to professionals.  So, I can’t help you in the Knife dept., except to tell you about my two favorite knives in the world:


First, my tomato knife.  It’s from Rada cutlery.  They are often sold at outdoor markets.  I found my first ones in Pinetop from a little shop that has now closed.  But I did find them on line.  What I LOVE about this knife is that it is ALWAYS sharp.  It even cuts tomatoes that are kind of soft.  I love it.  Look it up on line.

And now, the GRAND DADDY of all knives:

It looks awkward, but once you get the hang of it, it is SO easy to use!  And, always sharp!
two Rada’s on the right.  Grand Daddy on the left.

I was given this fabulous knife by my dear friends, George and Melody, who got theirs from their Favorite Bakery in their home state of Wisconsin:  O&H, famous for  the Kringle. Google them and look at their wonderful menu.  About 3 times a year you can find the Kringle at Trader Joe’s here in Arizona.  I have bought Blueberry, Apple and pecan, but my favorite is Almond.  Anyway, back to the knife.  I googled O&M, and looked under Shop “Olaph’s Treasures”.  They still sell them.

Enjoy your knives.  And don’t get cut.  It hurts!!  Ask me how I know!!

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