Pay special attention to these 3!


I’m sure you can imagine how many knives I have had over the years.  Remember Cut-Co?  I bought them cause I felt sorry for the kid selling them.  And when I got richer I got a whole set of Henckel for Christmas from my hubby one year.  I have always struggled with keeping them sharp, though, consequently I’ve probably bought every kind of sharpener known to Man, and have even taken them to professionals.  So, I can’t help you in the Knife dept., except to tell you about my two favorite knives in the world:


First, my tomato knife.  It’s from Rada cutlery.  They are often sold at outdoor markets.  I found my first ones in Pinetop from a little shop that has now closed.  But I did find them on line.  What I LOVE about this knife is that it is ALWAYS sharp.  It even cuts tomatoes that are kind of soft.  I love it.  Look it up on line.

And now, the GRAND DADDY of all knives:

It looks awkward, but once you get the hang of it, it is SO easy to use!  And, always sharp!
two Rada’s on the right.  Grand Daddy on the left.

I was given this fabulous knife by my dear friends, George and Melody, who got theirs from their Favorite Bakery in their home state of Wisconsin:  O&H, famous for  the Kringle. Google them and look at their wonderful menu.  About 3 times a year you can find the Kringle at Trader Joe’s here in Arizona.  I have bought Blueberry, Apple and pecan, but my favorite is Almond.  Anyway, back to the knife.  I googled O&M, and looked under Shop “Olaph’s Treasures”.  They still sell them.

Enjoy your knives.  And don’t get cut.  It hurts!!  Ask me how I know!!

4 thoughts on “FUN WITH KNIVES!

  1. Cheyrl is so right, these babies are really SHARP, and stay that way! Both are the best ones we’ve used, too. The wacky looking offset blade makes cutting much more effortless, and not just for bakery goods. We use it for most everything.


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