OOPS….WE DID IT AGAIN! What a Party!

I know I showed you our charcuterie board in December for my son’s birthday.  Last night we did it again for my Grandson Steven’s ASU graduation party.  Go Devils!!

What happens when you get a family full of West Virginia Hillbillies mixed with Italians?  A LOT of food and a LOT of fun!  Steven graduated from college and that deserves a huge celebration.  So, my granddaughter Kelly designed another gorgeous table.  She started by covering their kitchen counter with butcher paper, took a trip to Trader Joe’s, and went crazy with food and color.  The greatest thing about this is that everyone feels comfortable to “graze”.  There were even a few children there who were delighted to be allowed to take blueberries and strawberries right off the table!  They gleefully made trips round and round the table, choosing their favorites with the complete permission of parents and Hosts.

We love parties, and I am so proud that all three of my kids really know how to give them.  My personal opinion is that feeling comfortable is SO important.  And my kids know how to do that.  Throw in some fabulous cooking and you have a great time.  Laurie made FIVE lasagnas, including gluten free, vegetarian, and recipes on line from Giada, Tyler Florence, Pioneer Woman and “some internet Dude” that struck her.  My personal favorite was Giada’s sauce, and Tyler Florence’s finished dish. But they were all awesome.


Sorry this isn’t pretty……When 50 people wander around your kitchen, this is what happens!

And oh yes…..just a tiny little salad with homemade vinaigrettes on the side and other condiments.

As you know, I never blog without adding a recipe.  So I will give you the recipe for the Mango Margarita I took to the party:


1 can frozen limeade

Fill the can with vodka or tequila

1 package frozen mangos (or peaches)

1 Bud lite

1/4 cup triple sec

Ice cubes

Whirl all in a blender and go crazy!


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