ANTIPASTO SQUARES….great for a party!

When God invented these delectable creations,  He rested for a couple of days… He could enjoy them and we could make so many wonderful recipes out of them!
Here’s another one of my Zumba Buddies, Janell.  It should be against the law for ladies to have as much fun as we do.  And when we get together for a Potluck, the sky’s the limit!




I decided to just print the recipe as given to me so I can show you some more pictures.


One of the reasons I blogged this recipe is that is is so versatile.  It doesn’t have to be hot, so it can be on a buffet table or appetizers with drinks (Perfect!).  And the size of the squares can be whatever you like.  The One Inch squares suggested were perfect for the Zumba potluck.  Any size you like, according to your guests and the event.   These have LOTS of flavor.  I can’t wait to make them for a party with my favorite flavors:  Ham and Swiss cheese.  So, try this and have some fun!  And thanks, Janell!



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