HOME HOME ON THE RANCH…. fun recipes with Ranch Dressing!

We go to an absolutely adorable and yummy little restaurant in Pinetop/Lakeside Arizona called  “The Bistro at Annie’s”.  Justin and Heather run a homey, delicious, friendly restaurant which is mostly lunch, but open 3 nights for dinner.  One of my favorite things there are their salad dressings.  My favorite is Prickly Pear Ranch, with Apple cider vinaigrette a close second.  I came up with my own take on the PP Ranch:


1 cup prepared Ranch Dressing

2 Tbs. Prickly Pear syrup (In Arizona we can get this at Bashas).

If you don’t have a Basha’s, try a liquor store or the good old Internet for the syrup!  And I buy the large Ranch mix at Costco.  Try sprinkling it on chicken and grill it!


Another delightful play on plain old Ranch dressing is PARMESAN/PEPPERCORN RANCH Been making it for years!

1 cup prepared Ranch Dressing

1 heaping Tbs. EACH:  Parmesan cheese* and Black Pepper

*I don’t usually use the powder stuff in the shaker, but for this recipe it’s perfect

Great on those Salads on a board!


BBQ RANCH is served at Culinary Dropout.  The manager actually gave me the recipe, but its pretty complicated, and  I have learned that my People don’t like complicated, so here’s a simple version.


We only used Bill Johnson’s Big Apple BBQ sauce for years.  But I recently fell in love with Sweet Baby Ray’s.  We like the sweet one, but choose YOUR favorite!

Last, but not least, try adding Sriracha Sauce to Ranch and drizzle it over Nachos, Tacos, Enchiladas or in Chili!  Amount of the hot stuff depends on your taste.  1/2 cup Ranch with 1 tsp. Sriracha is a good start.  We like it hotter!



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