NAAN….(no jokes please. It’s bread)

this is one of those great times when it’s ok to burn something!!

My beautiful Granddaughter, Michael, and I took a cooking class together.   I still love to learn.  But the fun part is being with her.  So, we have recently become acquainted with a fabulous little bakery in Tempe, Tracey Dempsey Originals.  Tracey makes perhaps the worlds greatest Cakes (well, my Pineapple Rum is pretty good……I blogged it here in the dessert section.  I call it “The Cake that would have made me Famous”).  Or not.

Anyway, We had a great time making Chai Muffins, Artichoke Focaccia, Ham and Olive Bread, Monkey Bread, and our favorite:  Naan with green onions.  By a strange coincidence, I saw Jeff and Dara last night.  (Jeff inspired me to do the corn chowder that is in the soup section of this blog).  He actually reads my blog!  How about that!  A GUY who reads a cooking blog!  So anyway, he said he read my curried chicken recipe last week  and I needed to make Naan to go with it.  I like Naan, but little did he know I just took a class last week and learned to make it!  I learned a lot of new things last week with Sweet Tracey Dempsey.  For instance, I did not know that no yeast is involved and that it is made with Yogurt.   Thank you, Tracey, for a great class!

Michael  is rolling the dough into golf ball sized balls.  Then she will roll them out and slap them on a griddle (unless you have a tandyr around!). The slapping is the fun part…ask me how I know…


I’m lazy so I copied the recipe directly from Tracey’s class.

One of the things we learned is that lots of other things can be added such as roasted garlic.  But those little green onions were pretty darned great.  And take Jeff’s advice:  serve it with the Curried chicken I posted last week.  Wow.  Thanks for the inspiration.  It’s delish!  Ask me how I know…

this is Tracey.  She’s really smart and she also sells wine! Google her!



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