Have a SHRUB!! Don’t trim it, Drink it!

IMG_0795 2
This is made with many summer fruits.  But in Arizona we have citrus.  So I used oranges right off my tree in the backyard–in December!

If you saw my Instagram (askmehowiknowcb) about “shrubs” you know that I’m not talking about the kind you trim in your yard.  But I truly think the secret to staying young is learning something new everyday.  And last week I learned something great!

this was my inspiration, straight out of the Cuisine at Home Magazine.  (Thank you Toni!). But I quickly googled shrubs and found a whole new world of ideas for drink flavorings.
here’s my shrub after a couple of days in the fridge.  See those oranges?  Read below. Now I’m going to boil them in sugar/water about 10 minutes for more flavor, and add vinegar!  

Basically, a “shrub” is a flavoring for drinks.  Somewhat like a simple syrup (I make a lot of those:  rosemary, ginger, lemon).  But a shrub  always involves sugar, fruit and vinegar.  Apparently they have been around at least since the 30’s–but that’s before my time!  Of course I can’t leave any recipe alone, so I searched Google and learned that, like most sensations, everybody has their own ideas about how to make them better.  Sweet, savory (I even saw one that used fresh tomatoes and basil)!

As I said in my Instagram, I really love this idea for a party or any get together.  My sweet  neighbor who is LDS and doesn’t drink a drop of alcohol, can put a couple of tablespoons in her Sprite.  Crazy Joe down the street (who is a lush), can make a Vodka Soda and add some of this for flavor.  It’s more a conversation piece than a true drink.  But in my Google search I found many different recipes.  All kinds of vinegars, (though I would be careful with Balsamics as the color isn’t very pretty.). I like vinegars like Champagne, red wine, white wine, white balsamic–those work best.  Trader Joe’s has an interesting orange muscat vinegar that I bet would be great.  I’m gonna try it!

As I said, this was all new to me.  It’s so fun to discover something new, especially in the Food Field!!  I’m gonna go try my new concoction now:  Lots of ice, a Fever Tree Ginger beer, and a couple of tablespoons of Orange shrub added.  Tonight I might do the same thing but add a shot of vodka.   Wanna see my ID?  Happy New Year!

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