SMASHED POTATOES: an appetizer for Dummies (and me)

Of course, you could use pesto or a small sun dried tomato for garnish. (Something colorful).   This is tomato pesto.

Please refer to my Instagram askmehowiknowcb to see the 60 second video of this easy appetizer.

In Arizona every grocery store carries baby potatoes in little packages that you can microwave for 5 minutes.  If you can’t get those just get baby red potatoes and microwave them covered with plastic and about an inch of water in the bottom for steaming.  About 5 minutes should do it.  Cook till soft.  Then toss in olive oil and any seasoning included in the packet.  Or just use garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Here are the potatoes out of the oven.  Some have been smashed.  The one at the top is a finished product with cream & tomato pesto

When the potatoes are soft and seasoned, smash them and place on a cookie sheet.  Broil 2-3 minutes.  Watch them!  They burn quickly……ask me how I know!

Place on a pretty platter.  Drizzle with sour cream or crema and top with something colorful.   Above is crema and a dollop of tomato pesto. Mmmmm…crispy and delish!

Proof positive that a few women can appreciate a great appetizer.  We watch Bachelor on Mondays.  Eat, drink adult beverages and make fun of a crazy show.  What fun we have!!!

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