I sure raised some good cooks! The other night my youngest son, Adam, had us over and made a new appetizer…..OBOY! it was good. Basically it’s the ingredients that are in a caprese salad: mozzarella, tomatoes, and proscuitto.

the meat is wrapped around the cheese

ADAM’S CAPRESE APPETIZER (Mozzarella Caprese di Adamoli)

Sliced mozarella


cherry tomatoes

Olive oil and vinegar (or your favorite Italian dressing)

Basil for garnish

Isn’t this beautiful?

Wrap the prosciutto around the sliced cheese and freeze a few hours. Bring a cast iron skillet to very hot and hit the skillet with the meat/cheese and fry very quickly a couple of minutes on each side (or just till the meat browns slightly). You don’t want to melt the cheese, but it should be warm. Arrange on a platter, top with tomatoes, basil, and drizzle vinaigrette over it. Voila! Beautiful, delicious, and impressive!

this is great to take to a party. I would probably cut the cheese/ meat in half for a smaller serving….but that’s YOUR business!!

2 thoughts on “CAPRESE APPETIZER Thanks, Adam

  1. Cheyrl’s kids are great cooks. Adam does amazing things with food. I enjoyed these plus meat he prepared. I am fortunate!


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