Greek Chicken Meatballs…..never thought I liked Greek food….till now!

This post will be a little different than usual because it’s more an idea than a written recipe. You will use your own meatball recipe, or buy them already made, and add any veggies you like (but this combination is fabulous). And the sauce is already posted in my blog under “sauces”. Nick’s Golden Cuisine sauce is very close to a perfect Tzatziki. My sweet Daughter in Law, Laurie, brought this dish to us when my hubby was sick. To tell you the truth, my first thought wasn’t excitement. I thought I didn’t like Greek Food. But this was so wonderful! The meatballs she made were chicken. Very moist and delicious. I’m not even going to put a meatball recipe here because you all have your own, or it can easily be googled. But the combination of red onion, cucumber and tomatoes chopped on the side was such a wonderful addition of freshness, topped by a Tzatziki sauce which was superb! And aren’t you lucky that I recently posted in this blog a nice Tzatziki! So, try this delicious dish. it’s delightful!


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