Make soup! Have fun with “leftovers”

Recently on Instagram I posted on making soup out of almost anything. On March 17, (St. Patrick’s Day), I made our usual dinner of corned beef and cabbage. I have learned that corned beef is one of the most stubborn meats God ever made, so you have to cook it for hours to get it tender. So this time I did it in my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker. Wow! In 60 minutes I had almost shreddable corned beef. Then I added potatoes, carrots and cabbage and cooked them for 6 more minutes. It was just wonderful, but way too much for us so we had leftovers for days. Then it hit me. Change it up! Make the leftovers into a soup! I chopped up the meat and veggies into small soup sized bites, added 2 cups of good chicken stock, and voila! I had a lovely soup! NOTE: Be sure to include all the seasonings from the original corned beef, as it adds a wonderful, authentic flavor to the soup.

Another new idea was when I recently made a gluten free, vegetarian lasagna.  I used zucchini for the pasta layers.  The lasagna was delicious, but much juicier than my normal lasagnas.  So, I did my thing and chopped up the veggies, added veggie broth and tomato juice for a more traditional soup broth flavor.  Again, terrific “Lasagna Soup”.   Last week I made Beef Stroganoff, and changed it into soup on the second day.  That recipe is here in this blog under soups.  So, try it!  Change it up!  It’s wonderful…..Ask me how I know!

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One thought on “Make soup! Have fun with “leftovers”

  1. Cheyrl, I always forget to reply and don’t always recognize when you post something new. Gee, your photography is great (with your phone?) and your chatty recipes are the best. So proud you are my friend. Sandy


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