surprise! It’s a Great Cookie!

My Sweet Neighbor Renee and hubby Dave gave a great party and did all the cooking for a big crowd. She brought us samples of pulled pork, pulled lamb, wonderful potatoes and such great goodies. Everything was so tasty that I almost ignored the cookies, because they just looked like plain cookies, and dessert is never my biggest interest. Walking by the counter in my kitchen, I paused and took a bite of the creation above. OMIGOSH! I did a double take and ended up eating 3 luscious, crispy yet crumbly DEE-LISH COOKIES that are very similar to shortbread. When I called Renee to ask for the recipe, she told me they have a secret ingredient. Could I guess? I guessed cream of tartar even though I had no idea! Guess what it was: POTATO CHIPS!! That is correct, ladies and gentlemen! See the recipe below and knock yourself out trying them and making people guess the Secret.

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