SAUSAGE POTATO SOUP….with homemade sausage!

I recently went to a new little interesting looking place called, “The Italian Lady”. It’s in Pinetop, Az., and is literally a shack with 3 ladies crowded inside, small kitchen, serving fabulous Italian food. We had two of the wonderful sandwiches, and I saw the soups at the bottom of the menu. We didn’t have … More SAUSAGE POTATO SOUP….with homemade sausage!


If you are familiar with my blog, You know that the Salad section is the least populated in the table of contents. But Jackie came over for dinner last night with the Swinging’ Singles. (That’s our widowed 3 neighbors, Scott, Shelley and Jackie, who are in their 70’s and 80’s who are more fun than … More LIKE SALAD? HERE’S A GOOD ONE! “FIESTA SALAD”

Tzatziki sauce, Nick’s Golden Cuisine Sauce or Labne….???

Tzatziki Sauce is a Greek sauce basically made with cucumbers, spices and various creamy ingredients. Nick’s Golden Cuisine sauce is a Greek sauce from a restaurant famous in Arizona in the 70’s and 80’s made from cucumbers, spices, and various creamy ingredients. Labne is a dip that my daughter, Christian, has been making at our … More Tzatziki sauce, Nick’s Golden Cuisine Sauce or Labne….???


I hope you are reading this in 2026 (and that I am still around….) you may not remember the virus from 2020 (Covid 19).  But right now people are having trouble finding certain foods:  eggs, flour, chicken.  Fortunately because I cook so much I always have lots of food available.  Since there are only two … More GREEN CHILI…”CHOPPED” STYLE…THANKS, VIRUS!