Margaritas AND Margarita punch for a crowd…

Going on a cruise soon…practicing…

IMG_7814Don’t lie to me.  I know you agonize over what kind of drinks to serve at a party or for a crowd!   Sometimes it takes more time, $$$$$$, and work to try to please everyone.  Years ago I saw something on a Food Network show where they suggested to simplify parties, always make a “Signature Drink” which you can make in large batches and serve any way you’d like….in pitchers, in a bucket, in a punch bowl, individually with pretty garnishes….you get the idea.  I am at this moment planning my daughter in law’s Birthday party (one of the big ones), and our drink will be based on her favorite: Grapefruit.  Basically, we will do a big pitcher of something resembling a “Greyhound” which is vodka and grapefruit juice.  We are fortunate to live in Citrus country, and here in the Southwest this time of year we have oranges, grapefruit, limes and tangerines coming out of our ears!  So, because she is so special to me, we will squeeze fresh red ruby grapefruit juice and make the special “Suzy Q” signature birthday drink!  Here’s the basic:  1 part vodka (plain or grapefruit flavored), to 2 parts grapefruit juice.  Add a splash of ginger syrup*  To make Ginger syrup, bring to a boil 2 cups water and 2 cups granulated white sugar until sugar dissolves.  Add a whole bunch of fresh sliced ginger and simmer awhile  until you get a good strong sweet ginger syrup.  Put into jars and keep in fridge–it keeps for months as long as you keep it sealed up.

NOW:  this is for my sweet friend, Marissa,  who is at this moment worrying about how to serve 35 people drinks at a Cinco de Mayo party.  It is a Margarita “punch”, which is just a whole bunch of margaritas you can make ahead and use as I described above.  It’s great to make up to a week ahead.  As the Matter’s know, I NEVER throw anything out, so I often freeze any leftover drinks in ice cube trays to use later at parties for ice….ANYWAY:

Margarita Punch

1 liter vodka

3 bottles mexican beer (corona is good–or the Trader Joe’s  Trader Jose’s)

3  6oz. frozen limeade

3 one liter bottles club soda

3 large limes, cut into wheels

Put all in a punchbowl, serve with lots of ice and float the limes in it.  Two of this recipe would serve 30 drinks at least, and even more if you fill the little cups with ice first……askmehowiknow…..

BACHELOR Margaritas

I thought my son John was a genius when he made these margaritas at a party

In a blender, put one can frozen limeade.   Fill can with tequila (your preference.  I like silver or the clear kind); 1 Bud Lite.  Mix in blender with a cup or two of ice.  Trust me on this.  People are always skeptical, but it works!  Note below about Bachelor*

p.s.  my son IS a genius, but I found this recipe also in a Taste of Home cookbook…..

*for my Bachelor ladies, or for any gathering where I’d like to make the drink lighter, and also stretch it for a little more Bang for my Buck, I add a can of either pears or peaches.  I don’t drain them.  It makes a really tasty drink, not too heavy, and not too expensive.    This could also be added to the punch above to ‘stretch’ it!

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