Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and try something.  We love salsa, and we love HOT, so I went to the Mexican Ranch Market and bought 2 or 3 of EVERY chili they have.  I don’t even know some of the names, but I know I had 10 little bags of different chilies.   I chopped them all up, threw in a chopped onion and 5 chopped tomatillos, Covered them with water and started boiling.  I had to add water occasionally, but ended up boiling the mixture about 45 minutes to an hour.  The only hard part of this is getting some flavor into it that is not just HEAT.  So I usually add a tsp. or two (at a time) vegetable or tomato bouillon.  At the market they had a powdered “pico de Gallo” seasoning, which worked great.  “Sazon” is another good one.  Just be careful to add a little at a time so it’s not too salty.

here are a couple of nice seasonings!

After you get the flavor right, put the mix into a blender.  The Vitamix is the best I’ve ever seen for getting things really smooth, so I was able to blend this smooth enough to put into a little squeeze bottle and serve so people could just squeeze it on top of food.  We are always fans of the “extra hot” squeeze bottle of hot sauce on the table.  Oh, how I miss El Charro…..(a 50 year old restaurant in our town that closed).  Most Mexican food restaurants have several salsas, but you usually have to ask.  So we always ask if there are other sauces hidden anywhere in the kitchen.  They are usually happy to let you try them.  Pico de Gallo, Mango salsa, Tomatillo Green sauce, even some creamy ones mixed.  I’ll never quit trying new ones!

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