BANANA PUDDIN’ (an oldie but goodie!)

Here’s the finished product.  Serve with some cheap $3.99 wine from Trader Joe’s!  🤣🤣🤣

Today I am very excited!  I am invited to my Philippino friends house for an “International Lunch”.  There will be many countries represented, including France, the Philippines, Portugal and West Virginia!  (that’s ME!). Tess is even printing out a flag of West Va.  When she invited me to bring a dish from my “Home Country” I hesitated–because this IS my home country……but then it dawned on  me that all these ladies had been deprived of REAL AMERICAN COUNTRY food.  So what will I take today?  Banana Pudding and Gravy and Biscuits!!  These delectable dishes will sit proudly beside Crepes Suzette, Bulkogi, Tiramisu, Italian meatballs and peppers, Teriyaki,  and an especially wonderful, refreshing cantaloupe punch from the Philippines.

Tess made this traditional Philippino punch.  It is simply grated cantaloupe (with the juice of course), and sugar and water.  


2 boxes Instant Vanilla Pudding, mix according to directions

1 box Vanilla wafter

About 4 bananas

Cool Whip for topping

Try to do this in a pretty see-through bowl or Trifle dish.  Simply layer everything and top with Cool whip Piped from a Star tip Pastry bag.  The method is on my Instagram:  askmehowiknowcb.  Refrigerate.  Close your eyes.  Take a bite.  You are in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia!

pretty self-explanatory here.  But a really nice addition to an International dinner!
Italian meatballs, peppers, tomatoes and onions
A wonderful day with women from literally ALL corners of the earth!  That’s my sweet friend Tess, front row, second from right, flowered dress.  A GREAT lady and friend!

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