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Let’s have some fun together! I have been cooking, teaching classes, including microwave, teens, young marrieds, neighbors and more for over 40 years. I worked for Amana in the late 70’s and 80’s, demonstrating microwave ovens in department stores. For several years I took lunches to businesses, just like Paula Deen, and I had small catering business for over 10 years. People always told me I should open a restaurant but I never really wanted to. I’d like to blame it on my bad feet, which would be partially true, but to be honest, the real reason is that I can almost never make anything the same way all the time. If people love your vegetable soup, and order it at your restaurant, they aren’t going to like that you decided to add jalapenos or curry this time!

I am a Christian and I might talk about some experiences that include God, but I’m never gonna beat you over the head with it. To quote Erma Bombeck (ask your mom), when she had guests over, “No need to pray over dinner tonight…..I’ve been praying all day in the kitchen!” Erma wasn’t known for her cooking, but I hope I am. In my kitchen hangs a sign, “Never Trust a Skinny Cook.”  I have thought of not including a picture in my blog, to keep the ‘mystery’ – but I don’t think I will be able to resist showing pics from time to time (wait till you see the post titled “Never throw away an ugly cake!”)

The title of my blog is simply all the many experiences I have had over the years, particularly the failures. When I tell you not to throw baking soda into the boiling buttermilk and butter because it may cause an explosion—ASK ME HOW I KNOW!
I will be posting when the spirit moves me—I can promise at least once a week, but probably more, and always on special occasions, holiday and game days. I’ll give you recipes and tell you new restaurants we have discovered, talk about flops in the kitchen (past and present) and the successes, too! I will always welcome your input! I may be 70, but I am still learning! So saddle up, cowgirls and cowboys, and join me in this new adventure!

Cheyrl B.  (yes, that’s how you spell it!)

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your blog. It is dear and speaks from your heart like you do. I can attest to the deliciousness of your food and your welcoming spirit


  2. How did I miss reading your “About Me” intro until now?! I’m glad you decided not to stay a “mystery” in your blog…One of the things about you that is SO endearing is that you’re an open book – delightfully transparent…We don’t just love your cooking…We love you, the cook!!! Thank you for sharing your kitchen wizardry with all of us – even novices like me…And thank you even more for sharing your life and the special people in your life!


  3. Love your blog, love your food, love you! Such a delight getting to know you and having productive apple trees to raid each year after you leave Pinetop is a major plus. (Except this year —- Not a single apple! What’s with that? How are we going to make Apple Tart Tatin?)


  4. Merry Christmas Cherly B. We miss you at Zumba. Say I was wondering if you have an easy recipe for walnuts? My sister gave me a big package and it’s been in the freezer for months now because I don’t know what to do with it.


  5. Cheyrl, did you teach a cooking class at Central Christian for their women’s ministries many years ago? If so, I took the class from you, at your home, and bought a copy of your cookbook ‘Stuffing’ that you wrote for your girls in 1990!! Loved your class and all the additional ideas you gave us. I still use your homemade vanilla syrup recipe. I guess I should make sure you are the one before these comments, but I am thinking it is you (since not many people spell the name the same).


  6. Hi Cheryl B., What a joy it was to meet you and Larry last night. Absolutely love your funny stories you have written. I definitely will try some of your recipes!
    Jim & Patty Ellis


  7. Hi Cheyrl, I met you Sunday at the Paint and Guzzle at your house. My husband recorded Check Please! recently and we watched it today – guess who we saw!!! Loved your comments and the restaurant you chose. I noticed they misspelled your name on the screen. We will definitely try Alessia’s Ristorante Italiano when we are in the valley. BTW, love your blog and all of the great recipes.


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