Big news!



Thanks to Bill Shipp for suggesting it, and “Gadget Girl” Angela Vaughn (my computer  Wizard Guru Tutor), for teaching me how to do it! She even made me go back through my ENTIRE blog and add a picture to every single post.  She was SO right.  It makes the whole thing more interesting and appealing.  So if you are an old follower, you might go back to see some of them.  In the cases where I did not have a picture of the food, I added my favorite lady’s (Anne Taintor) humor.

Just go to my blog, and on the right of the page click on “Whatever you Crave….” OR, simply go to the list and find a category.

Well, this is what you get.  A lot of people mention the resemblance to the Kardashian’s or Melania Trump, but I just don’t see it.   This was when I was on Check Please Arizona last year.  If you want to see my favorite restaurant, go to and see episode 804.

Note:  many of the recipes are in several categories.

MORE NEWS:  Since I began my Blog exactly one year ago, I have posted 96 recipes on 81 posts.  And to date, I have 97 followers.  Thank you!  I hope for 100…..or MORE!  the one thing I wish I could do is figure out who some of you are.  People have funny email addresses, and I am always curious how you heard about me and who you are.  (Oh, the life of a celebrity….).  ALSO,  So I would appreciate occasional comments, and tell me who you are!  I always welcome your questions.

I have a lot of fun doing this!  It keeps me busy and sometimes out of trouble. Having fun is what it is all about……Ask me how I know……

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